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Primary School Program

Research shows that children who score higher in emotional intelligence are not only less likely to develop future mental health problems but they’re also more likely to be better decision makers, to be more liked by others and to perform better academically.

The program targets year 6/6th class (or 4th, 5th and 6th class in smaller schools) to help them with the transition into secondary school. Therefore, the age group is 10 – 13. We do not teach younger children as research shows that children below this age range have difficulties articulating their ability to think, which discredits teaching cognitive behavioural therapy.

  • A mental health workshop taught by us.
  • An afterschool parent/teacher seminar.
  • Additional teaching resources.
  • Access to our brand new app.

We carry out the program at your school premises.

The program is taught by two psychology graduates who have been Garda Vetted/DBS cleared. The facilitator is required to have a psychology undergraduate degree and specified training, and the assistant is required to be undertaking an undergraduate psychology degree and specific training. As the teachers are generally younger, we have found that the children engage further.

We carry out the workshops throughout the entire school year. We advise that you book at the start of each term or at least two or three months in advance so you are not left disappointed. If you wish to book for September, we recommend you book before March.

There are pros to having the workshop earlier and later in the year. If you have the workshop earlier, it gives time for the education to be maintained throughout the year. If you have the workshop later in the year, the education is fresh in the students’ heads just before secondary school.

If you are based in a city (London, Dublin, Cork, Limerick etc.), we can carry out a three day program, which involves 3 x 2 hour lessons spread over two weeks. If you are outside of a city, we carry out the regular full day program.

The workshop is based on the evidence based 7 Steps to Emotional

The workshop is mixed in with lots of games and activities so the
children remain engaged throughout the day and they learn while
having fun.

It is broken into three lessons as follows:

  • Emotion Identification (What are emotions, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuroscience)
  • Emotion Regulation (Well being and Resilience)
  • Emotional Management (Empathy and Social Skills)

We do not speak about anything of a sensitive nature such as suicide or self-harm.

As we know mental health is more important now than ever, we have adapted our workshop to ensure that the safety of your students and our staff is of paramount importance. Check out our Covid guidelines, which have been signed off by a Covid Compliance Officer.

This involves a one hour seminar immediately after school about why there has been an increase in mental health problems, what we teach the children, how to maintain a positive mental health environment and how to take care of your own mental health. The seminar slides are then sent to the school via email after the seminar.*

*Due to Covid-19, this has now been reverted to an online zoom webinar
at the end of each month.

The school is welcome to do a parent only seminar or a teacher only seminar (which can be included in Croke Park Hours).

We offer a two hour seminar on how to take care of your own mental health independent from the workshop.

The teacher gains access to our app alongside a short handbook. It involves the teacher doing five mental health activities with the students each week. While this is optional, schools who complete it each week gain points to help them win mental health awards at the end of the year. This helps the children develop habits that will boost their mental health and it also continuously goes back over the education from the workshop.

The teaching resources involve simple activities for the children that go back over what they learned in the workshop.

We have carried out the program in several special schools. The program is adapted to include more games, less technical information and more emphasis on the emotional management aspect. We do recommend that the program would be more suitable to children with special educational needs over the age of 12.

We ask the school to break the classroom into five clear tables. The only thing we need is access to an interactive whiteboard and a regular whiteboard. We bring all other resources.

In order to book, the only details we need is how many children are in the class and to agree on a date. Once that is confirmed, we then send you a confirmation email with details on what will happen on the day, Garda Vetting, parent letters and payment options. Send us an email at or give Eoin a call on 0877502188.

If you follow us at Motus Learning on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, we post published research papers, blog posts backed up by research and a podcast with experts in the field of psychology and well being. We also have online courses and a teacher hub that teachers can avail of.

Send us an email at or give Christy a call on 0873312120.

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