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Post Primary School Program

Research shows that adults who score higher in emotional intelligence have improved productivity, teamwork skills and better decision making. Mental health issues has been found to be one of the biggest disablers of work and this workshop ensures that your employees receive the tools to manage their mental health. A happy employee is a hardworking employee.

Our corporate program teaches parents about how to balance their raising of their children with their work and how to ensure the best development of their children. We teach aspects of our evidence based 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence to ensure the whole development of both parent and child. The talk is an hour long followed by a Q&A.

The staff well-being program helps your staff protect their mental health by teaching the psychological theories of transactional analysis, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy and the 5 ways of well being. The interactive talk is two hours long followed by a Q&A.

The grad program helps your newest employees better adapt to the workplace by teaching psychological theories such as motivational interviewing, transactional analysis and mindfulness. The interactive talk is two hours long followed by a Q&A.

All of our seminars can be done in webinar form via zoom.

At the moment, all talks are carried out by our founder, Christopher Shum, who has BA Psychology and Sociology and an MSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology from the University of Edinburgh. He has also worked in the NHS, as a researcher with UCC and as a mental health teaching facilitator for Motus Learning. He helped develop the evidence based 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence and has been in constant consultation with Clinical psychologists, UCC and the London
Institute of Education.

Workshops can be booked anytime throughout the year.

We ask the companies to provide a projector that can be connected to a laptop and to set up a room with seating for your employees. We bring all other resources.

If you have further questions, give us a call on 0873312120 or email You can book a date online or you can book over the phone or via email.

If you follow us at Motus Learning on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, we post published research papers, blog posts backed up by research and a podcast with experts in the field of psychology and well-being. We also have online courses that provide direct teaching.

Send us an email at or give Christy a call on 0873312120.

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