Our Aim

At Motus Learning, we have three main aims:

  • To give future generations the language to understand and manage their mental health.
  • To take the pressure off teachers and provide more employment for psychology graduates.
  • To eliminate the stigma around children talking about their mental health.
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Meet the Team

Amy Walsh


Cork Facilitator

With a BA in Applied Psychology at UCC, Amy has learned the importance of wellbeing and emotional intelligence in school settings. Taking a keen interest in educational psychology and guidance counselling, Amy loves teaching children to develop their own well-being and having fun while doing so.

Christopher Shum

(BA, MSc)


Christopher had dedicated his career to mental health education to take the pressure off teachers, parents and mental healthcare services. He has previous experience working in the NHS in London and is currently completing a PhD in secondary school transition, stress and social emotional learning.

Gillian Brennan

North West Facilitator

Gillian is passionate about the need to provide young people with the psychological tools to take care of their mental health and optimise their potential. She is a qualified mindfulness instructor and is currently completing her psychology undergraduate at Ulster University.

Rebekah Hare

(BA, MSc)

Dublin Facilitator

Rebekah has been inspired to provide individuals with the tools needed to protect mental health. Having worked with students and staff with anxiety and depression, she has seen the benefit of what Motus provides to all people of all ages. Rebekah facilitates workshops and works on the development of Motus.

Nathan Henry

Dublin Assistant

Nathan is a current psychology student at Maynooth University. He is also Head of Publicity at Niteline Dublin and a member of MindSpace Mayo’s Youth Panel. Nathan is committed to making a positive impact on mental health through research, education, and community engagement.

Chloe Greene

(BA, MSc)

Dublin Facilitator

Chloe has a keen interest in child psychology and has recently completed a psychology Masters at DCU. She has worked in education for a number of years, primarily working with those with additional needs. Chloe believes that teaching kids about emotional intelligence can positively impact society. 

Eoin Kelly Headshot

Eoin Kelly


Business Development

Frustrated by the lack of proactive mental health supports, Eoin joined the Motus team to prevent mental health issues before they happen. With a sales and marketing background, Eoin is looking to implement a business development mindset to Motus.

Sarah McGarry

Northern Ireland Facilitator

Combined with her current psychology education at Ulster University, Sarah has experience working alongside primary school-aged children and a strong passion for youth mental health. Sarah has always longed for the opportunity to make a contribution to the improvement and expansion of education surrounding mental health in order to improve youth mental health.

Jack Hughes

(B Com)

Business Development

Jack joined the team after realising the impact emotions played on his adolescent years. This sparked a passion to help others learn the skills he never knew growing up. Having relations with ADHD, Depression and OCD, he knows the benefits of emotional intelligence education first-hand.

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