Meet the

Christopher Shum

(BA, MSc)

Lead Facilitator

In what he describes as just making sense, Christopher has dedicated his career to mental health education to ease pressure on teachers, mental healthcare services and most importantly, children. Christopher has particular expertise in neuroscience, stress management and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Nicole O’Connor

(BSc, MSc)

Cork Facilitator

With two psychology degrees, Nicole is interested in working with children brought up in difficult environments. She has a background in family development and autism studies and is passionate about child development, infant mental health and mindfulness.

Jodie Glennon


Kerry Facilitator

Jodie is particularly interested in the positive effects that mindfulness practices, such as meditation, have on our mental health. Jodie loves playing a role in teaching children the skills necessary to look after their own emotional well-being and plans to move into positive and coaching psychology.

Ciara Roche

Ciara Roche


Dublin Facilitator

Alongside her passion of psychology, Ciara has lots of experience working with children as an ABA tutor and a performing arts instructor. As well as being fluent as Gaeilge, Ciara has particular interest in mindfulness, performance and the links between perfectionism and self-esteem.

Dayna Whelan

Dayna Whelan


Dublin Facilitator

With a keen interest in educational psychology, Dayna is committed to normalising well-being education in schools and making psychological principals accessible to all. Her BSc Psychology from Dublin City University helped her develop expertise in shame and guilt research.

Rebecca McDonnell


Dublin Assistant

Rebecca has chosen to volunteer with Motus while she pursues her MSc Applied Developmental Psychology in Queens University. Rebecca has previous experience working with talented youth and is passionate about teaching children and getting them to understand their brains better. 

Aine Byrne Headshot

Aine Byrne


Head of Fitness

As a qualified personal trainer and exercise and health specialist, well-being has always been a priority to Aine. Through sport, Aine has gained lots of experience working with and coaching kids and is determined to help kids improve their overall health.

Gwen O'Toole Headshot

Gwen O’Toole


Head of Marketing

The question, why don’t we teach emotion intelligence in schools, has never left Gwen’s mind since it first entered. She believes that if we equip people with the right tools to manage the emotional side of their mind and life, we will see less struggle and more flourishing. IQ only relates to so much but EQ relates to every aspect of life. The information is there – people deserve to know it, and understand how to implement it.

Eoin Kelly Headshot

Eoin Kelly


Head of Sales

Frustrated by the lack of proactive mental health supports, Eoin joined the Motus team to prevent mental health issues before they happen. With a sales and marketing background, Eoin is looking to implement a business development mindset to Motus.

Aine O’Keefe


Limerick Facilitator

After spending 6 years working as a clerical officer in the HSE, Aine pursued psychology. Aine has a passion for helping children and have held various voluntary roles under this capacity.

Kate O’Meara


Cork Assistant

Applied Psychology graduate and Mental Health Master’s student, with a particular interest in child and adolescent mental well-being. Experienced in promoting positive mental well-being in the underage and young adult cohorts in Ladies Gaelic Football club players.

Czara profile photo

Czara Casey


Cork Assistant

Czara is a new Motus volunteer currently completing a Master’s in Applied Psychology (Mental Health) in UCC. When she’s not volunteering you can find her practising mindfulness, going for sea swims and getting her creative juices flowing through art and cooking!. 

Our Aim

At Motus Learning, our goal is to give everyone the language to understand and manage their mental health. To do this, we want to directly teach children about how to deal with difficult life situations and to indirectly eliminate the stigma surrounding children talking about their emotions. 

By learning these skills from qualified experts, children will have a far greater opportunity to develop healthy emotion regulation strategies, therefore mitigating the likelihood of developing unhealthy strategies such as repression and self-harm. Through education, we prevent mental health problems before they happen.

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The ACT Campaign

The ACT Campaign is a campaign that is pushing for mental health education to become mandatory in the educational curriculum in Ireland. Alongside more communication between health and educational services, more priority on mental health of teachers and mental health leads in schools. 

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