Parent well being seminar

Help your employees find the work/parent/life balance.
Our parenting experts unfold psychological principals to help ensure stress management and the correct emotional development of their children.
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Staff well being seminar

The full holistic approach: Education on how to improve your mental health, your diet and your sleep.
Transform the lives of your staff by ensuring they get expert advice in how to improve their mental health, diet and sleep.
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Grad seminar

Help your new graduates adapt into their workplace by showing you care about their mental health.
A fun an interactive program to make sure that grads feel confident transition into the workplace.
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Diet with Paula Mee

Expert dietician explains how to eat better to live better.
Turns out we are what we eat. Make sure your employees are eating the right way.
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Sleep with Breege Leddy

Leading sleep physiologist Breege Leddy helps you get a good night’s sleep.
Because a tired employee is a poor employee
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Online Training Portal

Want to better develop your emotional intelligence? Check out our online courses that goes through our evidence based 7 steps to emotional intelligence program, proven to improve emotional intelligence.

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