Staff Well Being Seminar

The full holistic approach: Education on how to improve your mental health, your diet and your sleep.
Transform the lives of your staff by ensuring they get expert advice in how to improve their mental health, diet and sleep.
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Parent Well Being Seminar

Help your employees find the work/parent/life balance.
Our parenting experts unfold psychological principals to help ensure stress management and the correct emotional development of their children.
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Grad Seminar

Help your new graduates adapt into their workplace by showing you care about their mental health.
A fun an interactive program to make sure that grads feel confident transition into the workplace.
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Corporate Mental Health Workshop FAQs

Our Corporate Mental Health and Parenting Mental Health Workshops are available in person or via webinar

  • Christopher Shum (BA, MSc, PhD Candidate) is a child psychology researcher who has formally worked with the NHS, several Universities and hundreds of schools.
  • Rebekah Hare (BSc, MSc) has completed a sports, exercise and performance psychology masters from the University of Limerick. Rebekah has also worked as a behavioural coach for clients with anxiety and depression.

The workshops are open to all staff members. We recommend that participants sign up for the workshop before filling out the survey so that the workshop is tailored to what they are struggling with.



“”An incredibly engaging seminar with helpful tools and strategies that can be used in everyday life to relieve stress and improve well-being.”

Ian Flynn, Dassoult Systems, Cork


“The Motus program contains facets that are applied to adults in clinical settings and this is information that is beneficial to everyone, regardless of age.”

Dr. jane Basher, Clinical Psychologist

Here at Motus Learning, we break down complicated psychological theory such as cognitive behavioural therapy, neuroscience and emotion regulation into fun and easy-to-understand language. We ensure that employees know how to get the most out of their own life, as individuals and parents!

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