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  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #86 - Ailbhe Dempsey "Spiritual Practices' Influence on Cardiovascular Health" December 22, 2023
    In this episode of the Mind Yourself podcast, Christy is joined by Ailbhe Dempsey, a PhD student from the University of Limerick, specializing in the role of religion, spirituality, and social support on cardiovascular responses. Ailbhe's research delves into the complex relationship between these factors and their impact on our health. Ailbhe outlines her research, […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #85 - Aoife Bowman Grangel "Psychological Wellbeing of Adolescent Carers" December 16, 2023
    Welcome to our latest episode where we dive into the realm of adolescent carer mental health. Join us as we're joined by the insightful Aoife Bowman Grangel, a dedicated PhD student at the forefront of research in this field. Aoife shares her expertise, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by young carers and discussing […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #84 - William Costello "Psychology of Incels" December 7, 2023
    Dive into a very interesting conversation with our latest podcast episode featuring researcher William Costello to discuss his extensive research into the community known as Incels which stands for ‘involuntary celibate’. The term describes online community of individuals, predominantly males, who feel they are unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite wanting one. […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #83 - School Mental Health in Ireland November 30, 2023
    Prepare for an eye-opening podcast episode that casts a spotlight on school mental health in the scenic landscapes of Ireland. Join us as Christy and Eoin explore the unique challenges and innovative solutions that shape the well-being of students across Ireland. In this illuminating conversation, we engage with experts and practitioners to gain insights into […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #82 - Catríona Shelly "Identity in Northern Ireland during Brexit" November 23, 2023
    Join us for an enlightening podcast episode as we engage with PhD candidate Catríona Shelly, who offers fresh insights into the intricate web of Northern Ireland and Brexit from a dynamic social identity perspective. In this thought-provoking conversation, we delve into the complexities of identity, culture, and politics, and how they intertwine in the context […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #81 - Emma Kirwan "Loneliness during Emerging Adulthood" November 16, 2023
    Join us for an insightful podcast episode featuring Emma Kirwan delving into the intricate world of loneliness. Discover the latest findings, the science behind it, and practical strategies to combat this pervasive societal issue. Whether you've experienced loneliness yourself or want to better understand its impact, this conversation promises valuable insights and potential solutions. Tune […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #80 - Secondary School Transition Research November 9, 2023
    This week’s podcast explains the ins and outs of secondary school transition. Join us as we dive deep into the challenges and opportunities that come with this pivotal step in a student's life. Whether you're a parent, educator, or just curious about the adolescent experience, this conversation offers valuable insights, practical tips, and expert perspectives […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #79 - Anna Lashkay "Why identifying with Trauma matters" November 2, 2023
    Step into the world of cutting-edge research as we welcome Anna Lashkay to shed new light on trauma from a unique social identity perspective. In this compelling podcast episode, we delve deep into the intersection of personal and social identities and their impact on an individual's experience of trauma. Join us for an eye-opening conversation […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #78 - Muireann O'Dea "Boredom and Meaning in Life" October 26, 2023
    Prepare to embark on a thought-provoking journey as we sit down with a dedicated PhD student Muireann O’Dea to unravel the enigmatic relationship between boredom and the search for meaning in life. In this captivating podcast episode, we explore the fascinating dynamics of how moments of idleness can lead to profound reflections and the discovery […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #77 - Season 6 Intro October 19, 2023
    Welcome back to a new season of The Mind Yourself Podcast! In this intro episode Christy and Eoin will be discussing the theme for this seasons podcast and sharing some updates about Motus from over the last year. In this season we will be diving into a number of varying topics all currently the theme […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #76 - Heather Mithen "Getting into the UK Psychology Doctorate" October 7, 2023
    Join us for an inspiring podcast episode featuring successful clinical psychology doctorate student Heather Mithen who shares her journey from aspiring psychologist to Clinical Psychology Doctorate student in the UK. In this illuminating conversation, she offers invaluable insights into the application process, shedding light on the strategies that helped her stand out and secure a […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #75 - Kate McGovern "Gaining Psychology Experience in Australia October 4, 2023
    Want to travel and get relevant psychology experience? Prepare for a captivating podcast episode with Kate McGovern who has garnered invaluable psychology experience down under in the beautiful land of Australia. Join us as we embark on a journey through her unique experiences, from working in diverse clinical settings. This conversation offers a rare glimpse […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #74 - Manchester University : MSc Organisational Psychology December 13, 2022
    This week we move away from Clinical Psychology and into a new field, Organisational Psychology. Christy sits down with a former Motus team member, Deirbhrin Hanratty, to discuss her experiences moving into the business world and studying a Masters in Organisational Psychology at Manchester University. This advanced course gives you a route into occupational psychology […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #73 - University of Limerick: PhD - Does social emotional learning help adolescents with transitioning to secondary school? December 6, 2022
    In this episode we have Christy sit down for another solo monologue but this time to discuss his experiences on his current PhD. Christy’s research focuses on the impact of social emotional learning on psychological well-being among early adolescents, with a particular focus on emotion regulation and stress regulatory capacity. Additionally, Christopher has an interest […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #72 - University of Limerick: MSc in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology November 29, 2022
    This week Christy sits down with Rebekah Hare to discuss her experiences on the Masters program at UL in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology and also how she managed as a Dubliner heading down to Limerick to study. This MSc programme seeks to equip candidates with a sound understanding of theory and research and develop […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #71 - Queens University: MSc in Applied Developmental Psychology November 24, 2022
    This week we have Christy sits down with another member of the Motus family, Rebecca McDonnell, to discuss her experience studying the MSc in Applied Developmental Psychology at Queens University, Belfast. Applied developmental psychology is the application of basic developmental science in applied contexts. The School of Psychology has expertise in development in adverse contexts […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #70 - University of Edinburgh: MSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology November 15, 2022
    This week we have Christy on his own to discuss the Masters he completed at the University of Edinburgh. The program includes courses on the theoretical and methodological aspects of cognitive neuroscience, clinical neuropsychology and brain imaging, and you will complete a dissertation on one of these areas. You will also receive thorough training in […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #69 - UCC: MA in Applied Psychology (Mental Health) November 10, 2022
    This week Christy is joined by two wonderful guests , Kate O'Meara and Luke Murphy, who have worked at Motus and completed the Mental Health Masters at University College Cork. The MA in Applied Psychology (Mental Health) gives you an advanced understanding of the discipline of psychology in mental health settings. The course is designed […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #68 - UCD: MSc Psychological Science November 3, 2022
    In this episode Christy sits down with Dayna and Ciara who have worked on the Motus team to discuss their experience in UCD, Dublin for their Psychological Science Masters. The focus of this programme is on acquiring basic applied psychology skills to equip you for doctoral studies in clinical, counselling, educational or organisational psychology, or […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #67 - A career in Psychology November 2, 2022
    First episode of Season 5! This season we focus on what it takes to get into a career in Psychology.  We'll be talking to people who have completed/are completing masters, PhDs and doctorates in Ireland and abroad. The knowledge gap between getting a psychology degree and becoming a qualified psychologist is complicated, and we felt […]

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