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  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #28 - Stress, Pregnancy and Child Development February 23, 2021
    Stress, Pregnancy and Child Development - How are these connected? Learn how the experiences of the mother both physically and mentally can be passed on to the child and also Christy tells Eoin an interesting story about how Peter Pan is connected to a childhood traumatic experience. All this and much more; a great insight […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #27 - Siobhan Murray February 16, 2021
    Siobhan Murray is a qualified psychotherapist and resilience, burnout and stress coach. When not working with adults, Siobhan is also a parent and a consultant for teachers at US charter schools.   In this far reaching conversation, Siobhan explains the relationship between stress and personality, perfectionism in parenting and teacher burnout. If you would like […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #26 - Stress and Physical Health February 9, 2021
    Nobel prize races, drinking bacteria and poo, this week's podcast involves Eoin and Christy sitting down to begin their discussion on stress. Eoin gets a biology lesson and the boys discuss what stress is and how it can impact heart disease, diabetes and suppressed immunity. Check out our website and follow us on social media […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #25 - Dr Sharon Lambert January 31, 2021
    Dr. Sharon Lambert is a senior lecturer and researcher at UCC, with a specific research interest in the impact of trauma on development and its links with addiction. Dr. Lambert has been interviewed on the Blindboy podcast and has given talks to an Gardai Siochana and the Metropolitan police. During the podcast, we touch on […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #24 - Season 2 Intro January 31, 2021
    Eoin and Christy are delighted to be back for Season 2 of The Mind Yourself Podcast. In this short intro they discuss what they've been up over the last 7 months with Motus. They also give a you a flavour for the guests to expect in this coming season. Mind Yourselves! Follow us on social […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast - #23 - The 2020 Half-time Review June 17, 2020
    Eoin and Christy discuss and debate some of the extraordinary events that have taken place so far in 2020. They look into how some of these events can impact our mental health and how we can deal with them using different psychological techniques. This will also be the final episode in Season 1 of The […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #22 - Social Skills June 11, 2020
    Eoin and Christy are back to discuss the importance of social skills and how it's linked to emotional intelligence. They cover how social media and technology is impacting our social skills, active listening, self compassion and debating culture, relationships as well as much, much more! We hope the key tips we highlight can help you […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #21 - Keira Keogh June 3, 2020
    Keira Keogh is a private Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) consultant who specialises in children with autism. In this wide ranging conversation, we talk about the current position of autism in society. She also discusses how to detect autism and what has been found to be effective for parenting autism.  With over eight years working as […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #20 - Empathy May 27, 2020
    This week Eoin and Christy go in depth into the whole area of Empathy. Who would have known it would be such a complex topic. We discuss areas such as: - Neuroscience of Empathy - AI - Empathy vs Sympathy - Altruism & Why Empathy mightn't always be a good thing Links: - - […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #19 - Emotional Regulation May 20, 2020
    This week Eoin and Christy are back to talk about Emotional Regulation. They discuss helpful tips and strategies to help you regulate negative emotions such as Sadness, Anger, Envy/Jealousy, Shame/Guilt and Worry. This episode will give you easy to adopt techniques to help you manage the feelings associated with these emotions. The techniques are suitable […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #18 - Niamh Fitzpatrick May 13, 2020
    Niamh has a BA in Psychology, an MA in Clinical Psychology and an MSc in Sport Management Specialising in Sport Psychology ans is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  She runs her own practice, in which she works in two main areas: Optimum Mental Health and Optimum Performance (for sports, business, music etc.) Due to […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #17 - Resilience May 6, 2020
    This week Eoin and Christy discuss the hot topic in childhood emotional intelligence education, which is Resilience.  This is also Step 5 of our classroom workshop. They discuss specific areas such as failure, loneliness and bullying and how we can‘t avoid this avoid this adversity and therefore must develop the ability to manage them and […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #16 - Martin Leonard April 30, 2020
    This week’s podcast welcomes Martin Leonard, who founded Mountain a Months for Mental Health, which is a non for profit that organises hikes for groups of people to deal with their mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.  Martin explains the journey of mountain a month for mental health, the mental health benefits […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #15 - Emma Bowden April 22, 2020
    This week, we have personal trainer and founder of EFitness, Emma Bowden.  With a degree in exercise science, Emma gives us insight into the relationship between exercise and mental health, eating disorders and the mental strain of bikini modelling. Follow Emma to get top fitness tips: Facebook - Efitness Carlow Instagram - efitness_emma --- Send […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #14 - Well Being (Part 2) April 15, 2020
    This podcast concludes the five ways of well-being, looking at the importance of learning, giving and taking notice. This coincides with step 4 in our workshop and the final sections of how to maintain the WOW challenge. Enjoy! Some links mentioned: Martin Seligman : Positive Psychology - Carol Dweck Book : Mindset - […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #13 - Breege Leddy April 8, 2020
    Breege Leddy is a sleep physiologist and Director of The Insomnia Clinic Ltd.  Due to lockdown effecting lots of peoples’ sleep, we felt it was a good time to release this. Breege explains the relationship between sleep and mental health, what effects our sleep and how to sleep better.  Breege hosts clinic at Cremore Clinic […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #12 - Well Being (Part 1) March 31, 2020
    This week’s podcast explains 2 of the 5 ways of well being in detail. We discuss exercise, sleep and diet under the term of being active, and social media under the umbrella term of staying connected. #BeActive #Connection #Podcast #WOW2020 --- Send in a voice message:
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #11 - Paula Mee March 26, 2020
    This week’s post is with registered dietitian Paula Mee. There is plenty of misinformation in circulation surrounding nutrition so it’s essential that we only intake education from experts. In the podcast, we discuss the science of microbiota, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and inclusion of all diet types, including vegans, coeliacs and those with […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #10 - Dr Eithne Hunt March 19, 2020
    Due to the urgency of this advice, we have decided to release two podcasts this week! Dr. Eithne Hunt is an occupational therapy professor at University College Cork who specializes in adolescent health and routine. Dr. Hunt explains the link between sleep and emotional wellbeing, the development of habits and most importantly, routine. When Dr. […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #9 - WOW Challenge March 18, 2020
    We are constantly being told that the biggest fears about self-isolation is how people are going to occupy their time and not lose their minds. The WOW challenge, based on the 5 ways of well being is something easy to maintain that will go a long way in developing habits. This podcast explains each aspect!  […]

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