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  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #66 - The impact of sport on wider society August 10, 2022
    Have you ever consider sport and its impact on society? Well Eoin and Christy sit down to discuss just that.  In the final episode in series 4 of the podcast the lads discuss how sport shapes societal values outside of just giving people an outlet to exercise. While there are benefits to how sport can […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #65 - Greg O'Shea "From Love Island to the Olympics" July 13, 2022
    What a pleasure it was to sit down with the fantastic Greg O'Shea. Olympian, Presenter, Media Personality, Fitness Instructor, Love Island Winner and Law Graduate! Talk about one hell of a CV. Greg sat down with Christy and Eoin for a very open and honest conversation. They discuss his experiences building up to and competing […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #64 - The Science of Sport July 6, 2022
    Christy and Eoin sit down to take a scientific look at sports performance and see how some positive emotional health practices can lead to increased performance.  They cover things such as habits, motivation, the theory of having a workout partner and also discuss how humour can reduce stress and why this is important to an […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #63 - Failure is a Bruise not a Tattoo June 30, 2022
    This week Eoin and Christy are back together to dive into another key topic for athletes; Failure. This is a key area of sports psychology because its a challenging experience all athletes must learn to overcome and learn from. But also overcoming failures is part of life for everyone.  The lads discuss how failure is […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #62 - Aine Byrne "Personal training and Motivation" June 15, 2022
    This week we have the pleasure of inviting one of our own onto the podcast as our latest guest. Aine Byrne has been with us from our early days and with her sports and fitness background has helped us with the fitness aspect of our services as our Fitness Consultant. She is also currently working […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #61 - Suzan Sittig "The Secrets of a Ballet Career" June 8, 2022
    A globe trotting ballet dancer, Suzan Sittig has travelled a lot in her pursuit of a ballet career. From being born and spending her early years in South Africa where she was first exposed to dancing before moving to the UK where she grew up and where she she took her ballet career to the […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #60 - Conor O'Keefe "Marathons and Mental Health" June 1, 2022
    Former Thai Boxer, Ultra-athlete, podcaster, Ultimate Week Survivor and Mental Health Advocate; talk about some serious life experiences. Conor O'Keefe is an excellent role model with an eclectic sporting background and some exciting experiences such as appearing on a documentary that covered mental health and taking part in 'Ultimate Hell Week' tv show which is […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #59 - Hannah Tyrrell "Sporting success and mental health advocacy" May 25, 2022
    This week we have a great episode from when Eoin had the pleasure of sitting down with the impressive Hannah Tyrrell. Hannah is a former Ireland Women's rugby union international. She represented Ireland at the 2017 Women's Rugby World Cup. She was also a member of the Ireland team that won the 2015 Women's Six […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #58 - Kathryn Stewart "The impact of diet on sport and your hormones" May 18, 2022
    This week we are diving into nutritional side of athletic performance. Christy sits down with Kathryn Stewart, a registered dietitian, to discuss how diet can impact performance and ability to recover between events. Kathryn qualified as a dietitian from Glasgow Caledonian University with First Class Honours. She has worked as a dietitian in both the […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #57 - The responsibility when parenting and coaching athletes May 11, 2022
    This week, Eoin and Christy are back on the pod together to discuss the responsibility for coaches and parents of young athletes.  They cover a wide range of topics from how sport can be a positive life learning experience for children as well has how important the role of a coach can be in the […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #56 - Cormac Ryan "Promoting Mental Health Awareness One Cycle at a Time" May 5, 2022
    This week is a very exciting episode where Eoin had the opportunity to sit down with Cormac Ryan to discuss his mental health journey. A former Dublin county hurler Cormac has dealt with his own mental health challenges culminating in an eating disorder which he is still learning to live with. His journey to recovery […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #55 - Are self-help books actually beneficial? April 27, 2022
    Christy and Eoin are back for the latest edition of our series on sports and sports psychology. This week they dive into the topic of habits and how they form a key part of an athletes preparation and also how normal people can implement habits into their days to get more out of it.  They […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #54 - Dr. Ciara Losty "Psychologist to Olympians" April 20, 2022
    This week we are delighted to sit down with Dr. Ciara Losty.  Ciara is a lecturer in applied sport and exercise psychology in Waterford Institute of Technology and course leader for the MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology programme. She is accredited as a Professional Member by Irish Institute of Sport Professional Quality Assurance […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #53 - The characteristics of an elite athlete April 13, 2022
    After a long hiatus, Christy and Eoin are back with the latest instalment of The Mind Yourself Podcast. This season they are investigating the relationship between sport and mental health. We will be speaking with experts in the field of sports psychology.  We wanted to cover this topic because sport is often the only way […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #52 - Season 3 wrap up and what the future holds December 8, 2021
    For the final episode of Season 3, Eoin and Christy are back on the mics together to review the guests and what they learned during this season. They give some tips for what you can take away from our different guests and advice on how to manage your mental health during the increased lockdowns we […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #51 - Sinead Hegarty "Influencing in the Mindfulness and Wellness space" December 1, 2021
    We have a huge guest this week!  Sinead Hegarty started out as an influencer in the fitness and fashion sphere and built up a strong following through documenting her life in Australia and the highs and lows of her relationship at the time. Originally from County Tyrone in Ireland, Sinead is now based in Bali […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #50 - Using technology for Mental Health education November 16, 2021
    This week Christy and Eoin sit down to discuss a very exciting development with Motus and our education services. For the last year we have been developing an app to help us reach more children and schools. The lads discuss how the app will provide untold potential to educate more children, how it will work […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #49 - KeepAppy "Your Mental Health Gym" November 9, 2021
    This week Christy sits down with the very accomplished Aimée-Louise Carton. The founder of KeepAppy and one of Ireland's leading welbeing advocates. Following a suicide attempt, she has used her pain and recovery to found Europe’s fastest growing wellness platform KeepAppy, the wellness app and mental health gym. She uses her mental health journey to […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #48 - Digital Marketing Secrets that can help your Cyber Safety November 2, 2021
    The tables are turned between Christy and Eoin this week as Christy tries to pick Eoin’s brain on the secrets of Digital Marketing. Eoin attempts to breakdown his insights from his experience in the field that should help you use the internet in a safer and more mentally healthy way. They cover topics such as […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #47 - Emily Power Smith "Secrets to a Healthy Sex life" October 27, 2021
    Christy sits down for a very interesting conversation with Emily Power Smith, the one and only Clinical Sexologist in Ireland.  They discuss all areas surrounding safe and health sex, sex myths, the psychology associated with sex and the hot topic of consent. Find out more about her work at her website - Check out […]

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