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  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #45 - Dr. Elayne Ahern "Online Therapy and Where Therapy is Going Wrong" October 11, 2021
    This week’s Christy sits down with Dr. Elayne Ahern, who is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Limerick.  We felt that this podcast was extremely relevant to mental health week, because it addresses the role of technology in mental health therapy.  Dr. Ahern’s research spans from the effectiveness of online therapy to the application […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #44 - Ciaran Mullan October 5, 2021
    This week Eoin is on the mic without Christy alongside him to investigate the influencer and social media industry. He sits down for an insightful conversation with Ciaran Mullan from Rumour Mill PR Agency to discuss the pros and cons of social media, the behind the scenes lives of influencers and the future relationship between […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #43 - How to be a parent in the technology age? September 28, 2021
    Christy and Eoin are back again to tackle to challenging topic of how parents can support their children in this ever changing technological world. The dive into social media, influencers, cyber bullying, the addictive nature of technology and so much more! A hugely educational discussion that parents, guardians and teachers alike can take tips from. […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #42 - Dr. Ciara Mahon September 21, 2021
    Christy sits down for a fantastic discussion with the lovely Dr. Ciara Mahon to cover the relationship between social media and youth mental health. Ciara is a  Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Youth Mental Health Lab at University College Dublin. She is currently investigating factors influencing the mental health of 20,000 youths who completed the […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #41 – Is technology bad for our Mental Health? September 14, 2021
    Eoin and Christy are back again on the Mind Yourself Podcast and this week they are discussing the pros and cons of technology for our mental health. They look at the different apps and trends taking place in the technology industry and discuss the positive or negative impacts these could have for our mental wellbeing. […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #40 - Harry McCann September 7, 2021
    In episode 1 of our new series on cyberpsychology, we sit down with young Irish Entrepreneur, Harry McCann. Harry McCann isn’t your typical college student. Still in his early twenties, the Irish award-winning entrepreneur has established himself in the business and political world as not only a thought-leader but a powerful voice for youth across […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #39 - Unpicking Cyber Psychology September 7, 2021
    We are delighted to announce that the podcast is BACK WITH A BANG. This season’s theme is cyberpsychology and will look at the relationship between technology and mental health. As we delve in, we will consider the mental health implications of this rapidly changing digital world to allow us to use it safely and effectively. […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #38 - Ohana Zero Suicide May 11, 2021
    Today we have an exciting episode for Mental Health Awareness Week where Eoin is joined by Anna Phelan and Valerie McHugh from the Ohana Zero Suicide team. Ohana Zero Suicide are a group of individuals from all over Ireland who have come together with a goal to reduce the suicide rate by promoting, protecting and […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #37 - 2021 and Beyond April 20, 2021
    Christy and Eoin are back for the final episode of Season 2 of The Mind Yourself Podcast. They wrap up what was covered throughout our guest episodes and our discussion on stress. They also give an update on what we are working on at Motus and our plans for our Social and Emotional Education workshops […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #36 - Dr. Deirdre O'Shea April 13, 2021
    This week we had the absolute pleasure of being joined by Dr. Deirdre O'Shea on the podcast. Deirdre is a Work and Organisational Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in University of Limerick. She is one of top specialists in her field in Ireland with numerous publications. She also spoke on the RTE Documentary 'Stressed' as well […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #35 - James Leonard (The 2 Norries Podcast) April 6, 2021
    Christy sits down with James Leonard, from The Two Norries Podcast, for a hard hitting conversation on the challenges of drug addiction and its impact on your mental health. James is very open and honest about his own battles with Heroin and gives a fascinating insight into the life of an addict. This is definitely […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #34 - Stress Management March 30, 2021
    Eoin and Christy are back for the final instalment of their Stress discussion. Today they look at Stress Management and how we can all look to better regulate our stress. They cover anger management, the difference between coping methods and emotional regulation, the 5 Ways of Wellbeing and lots more. This episode provides a satisfying […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #33 - Stress and Mental Health March 23, 2021
    In this episode Christy and Eoin bring their stress conversation back to the root topic of Mental Health.  What is the impact of stress on our mental health both in the short term and longterm?  How does stress make mental health assessment easier? What mental illnesses can be linked to excessive stress? Learn all of […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #32 - Cormac Byrne March 16, 2021
    In this episode Eoin sits down with Cormac Byrne from BlueZone Fitness for a far reaching conversation covering aspects of the fitness industry and mental health. Cormac is refreshingly open about his views on the fitness industries role with mental health, his own challenges with stress and mental health after setting up his own business […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #31 - Stress and Sex Education March 9, 2021
    Christy and Eoin continue their conversation on Stress and this week they expand on last weeks episode with David Kavanagh and consider the link between stress and sex and how this can impact our mental health. They tackle topics such as sex education, pornography, social media and how we can better discuss our sexual health. […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #30 - David Kavanagh March 2, 2021
    This week Christy sits down with David Kavanagh to discuss relationships, sex therapy and how this relates to our mental health. David Kavanagh is a qualified sex therapist that specialises in relationship counselling and sex addiction.  After working with hundreds of couples, David gives insight into how to improve relationships during lockdown, the new digital […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #29 - Stress, Pregnancy and Child Development February 23, 2021
    Stress, Pregnancy and Child Development - How are these connected? Learn how the experiences of the mother both physically and mentally can be passed on to the child and also Christy tells Eoin an interesting story about how Peter Pan is connected to a childhood traumatic experience. All this and much more; a great insight […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #28 - Siobhan Murray February 16, 2021
    Siobhan Murray is a qualified psychotherapist and resilience, burnout and stress coach. When not working with adults, Siobhan is also a parent and a consultant for teachers at US charter schools.   In this far reaching conversation, Siobhan explains the relationship between stress and personality, perfectionism in parenting and teacher burnout. If you would like […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #27 - Stress and Physical Health February 9, 2021
    Nobel prize races, drinking bacteria and poo, this week's podcast involves Eoin and Christy sitting down to begin their discussion on stress. Eoin gets a biology lesson and the boys discuss what stress is and how it can impact heart disease, diabetes and suppressed immunity. Check out our website and follow us on social media […]
  • The Mind Yourself Podcast #26 - Dr Sharon Lambert January 31, 2021
    Dr. Sharon Lambert is a senior lecturer and researcher at UCC, with a specific research interest in the impact of trauma on development and its links with addiction. Dr. Lambert has been interviewed on the Blindboy podcast and has given talks to an Gardai Siochana and the Metropolitan police. During the podcast, we touch on […]

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